Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The internal universe of an individual can be conceived to be as wide as the universe outside. At the centre is the self in touch with and residing in the universal self. Surrounding it is the individual Self unattached, untouched by anything in the world. It is resplendent in itself, entirely whole. While the entire world of thoughts, feelings, complexes, memories, dialogues (both internal and external) lie outside it, a small layer is inbetween the two. It is this layer that has in it tools to navigate from the one region to another. Of these tools. major is the Ego. When a conscious person speaks, thinks a thought or feels an emotion, it shows which part of the internal universe his ego is associaing with. It could be any of the thought about 'IT' - the task and objects of external world, ' I / Me' - thoughts in outermost plane about the person like personality, 'Them' - about the outermost plane ideas about others and 'We' - about individual along with others. ...contd

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