Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What does the water in us hold?

A thought from the weekend intensive program...

In the waterside reflection, a point that came up was that water has the capacity to contain things. Like the water in a kalasha holds the mantra or a sankalpa or an intent.

If more than 60% of the body is water, this water is capable of holding a lot. Our thoughts, our intentions, our words must all be stored even in this water.
Slowing down, letting go and bringing fresh ideas probably refreshes us throughout, down to this water in our bodies.
If a host of negative thoughts are held in us as a thought pattern in this water of the body, and it forms 60% or more of our bodies, the amount of influence it must have on us must be tremendous!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Holding the Intent.

When we partner with the Universe, We need to learn to hold our intent.
What is holding our intent?  
I am consultant and I go to meet our client.  Our client faces a problem
and wants a solution.  As a consultant we offer our best thought out 
solution.  Our client wants to look at the solution offered and/or wants
to have discussion with their people.  
When I came out, I hold the intent that the client system get a solution
ever lasting one.  It need not necessarily from me but from any where
and from any one.  The intent is for solution not from me.
For every idea is a form of energy and the energy wants to manifest.
we hold our intent for the energy and also the energy form in its 
best manifestation. 
More on this subject, next.