Saturday, October 20, 2012

Young girls - the knights of Queendom?

Just took a image from a facebook post of a friend! This seems the reality now! The knights of Queendom! 
Just think of the number of people whose consciousness she has touched by an action in line with her internal sense of what is right!

Young have always been the harbingers of change at every generation. They have always been more open to the change of the times. Now the women seem to be particularly potent in it. Their stance seems to indicate an intuitive knowledge of a different kind. Like a new born's sense of right to air and loud assertion of it through a cry, it seems they know something that is not yet clear and visible in the world outside. They may not be fully aware of it themselves, yet they are intuitively sure of it and it seems to reflect in their stance. An action from this sense is almost unavoidable to them and capable of challenging the foundation of the fundamentalism that is an anachronism in Queendom. Queedom here is a land whose psyche is inspired and powered by the great divine feminine, nothing more to it in terms of gender or feminism.

Women seem to be more quickly intuiting it. Other than this I think it is quite inclusive of men and women. It is just as easily accessible to man who has put effort to know his Self and be open to intuition. 

It is happening and inspiring fear in fundamentalists wanting to hold on to the values of an era that is vanishing.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Perspective of Oneness in Queendom

There will be different perspectives governing the Queendom. That will be the basic premise from which every thinking will spring forth.

Every field today is ruled by a perspective. The thoughts and concepts produced by people carry the influence of that perspective or the fundamental idea which belong to that era. Akin to the seed from which the tree sprouts.

Queendom will have such fundamental perspective which would be completely different from the current one.


If we have a basic belief that we are all one at a deep level and we are able to experience it as such, our perspective about every thing will change. Being one at a deep level is not to negate the obvious differences between individuals, but to experience the source to be common to all.

In describing ourselves today, the number of labels we use indicate the narrowness of our identification. We identify ourselves with a minute slice of nature and then our field of perception gets limited by this identity. We become oblivious to realities outside the domains defined by our identity. This limited perception creates limited consciousness. In our current mainstream society, this perception is heavily influenced by marketing by media, companies, other humans, institutions, etc, resulting consciousness which is very materialistic and short sighted. This short sightedness creates distinctions and limitedness in our perceptions. We start to see things as for and against us. Consider the issue of fight between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka discussed in Chitra's article about Limitedness in thought on the Cauvery issue

This can change when individually our consciousness extends our perception to the Common Source of all Nature, the Source of which we are all different manifestations. That is the seed of Oneness as opposed to Limitedness. This consciousness spiritual in current meaning will become a fundamental assumption of the individual human psyche in Queendom.This Psycho-spiritual consciousness will be the wide spread consciousness of Queendom. The possibilities from this consciousness will be extremely unbelievable.
For example - Queendom can then easily integrate science and spirituality and create an universe which will not question the other but will only help the other to become reality.Instead of competing and fighting with one another, people in Queendom will collaborate and co create.

It is not a fantasy that we are talking about Queendom.  We are talking about a very fundamental perspective held by people in Queendom. This perspective is seeded in them out of their living experience. What of this perspective?

They will see the oneness in every one. Even though every one will be different, people in Queendom will also see the inherent psychic reality of oneness in every one. And they will relate with this oneness aspect. Such a relationship will give them a different experience which in turn will give them a different attitude. This attitude helps them to collaborate and co create.

The Web of consciousness surrounding Queendom will carry the belief that we are all one at a deep level and will be different at a manifested, and objective level. This subjective reality and the objective fact will be integrated in every one. This will help them see the oneness aspect in every one.

Holding this perspective helps them in many ways. Currently we are wasting huge amounts of psychic energy through our feelings like jealous, anger, envy depression,etc. This is because our basic belief is we are different. This belief creates a sense of insecurity and anxiety.We need to protect out interests from the other.

But once the basic belief is changed into "we are one" perspective, the people are not gripped and cringed by fear and insecurity. This will save them a lot of psychic energy which can be used for exploring new psychic avenues.

This subjective knowledge will alter the very view that we hold about the universe and people in the Queendom. Their way of life will be totally different, which we cannot imagine right now.

Though we can not imagine, let us attempt to be mindful and see the seeds of it that are being sown in the consciousness around us.


So what is Queendom ?

The dictionary may suggest a land ruled by a Queen.
But shall we envisage a people where the feminine in the form of inclusion, care and affection is part of the mainstream pursuit? Further it is not just the mainstream but the moving factor for growth rather than the current pursuit for profit.

This is my idea of Queendom. A nation - of man, women and all other manifestations of nature living in harmony playing the role that they understand is theirs to play, nothing more nothing less.
- There is no place for greed or profit as the perspective is always of  'us' and not of 'me'. That is inclusion.
- Growth is directed towards providing for, creating new methods for wholesomeness and happiness not pleasure. That is care and affection.
- Education and its pursuit is for wisdom not knowledge. That is wisdom.

Though it seems like an imaginary land, the emergence of this Queendom in our midst is underway. Just look around, you will see the old world crumbling away.
We dont have territorial wars any more, only with terrorists. And these terrorists are very often fanatics excluded from the mainstream. But then ways of including warring sides is not there.
Even territorial disputes are fought with publicity, arm twisting, politics rather than brute force , ex Tibet.
But they are being fought.
Economies and economics of old are crumbling, old bastions of power are destabilizing. New economies and new economics are  about to emerge. But they have not yet emerged.
Old norms of relationships are shaken and booted out. Norms of fidelity, responsibility to parents, marriage are challenged, norms of gender and sexual orientations are challenged. But newer norms are not yet established.
Old Religions and rituals are preaching loudly in a last failing bid to hold the emerging generation. And then there is the new age spiritualists asking them to come to spirituality rather than religion. But then again even that is private, not mainstream.

It seems that many ways of working of the previous time seems to be coming to an end, newer ones are on the threshold of emerging. The battle for Queendom is at these thresholds. It comes on the wings of hope, faith, trust, love for humanity. It is often seemingly led by women. Women who are more naturally tuned to it but also by the great numbers of men whose presence is more invisible, but action is firm and supportive of these women.

These are the knights of Queendom and at the forefront of bringing a new consciousness for all of us.

Focus on Cauvery or on water? Limitedness in our thought

Today there is a state wide bandh in Karnataka against the Cauvery River Authority's direction to the State Govt to release 9000 Cusecs of water to Tamil Nadu.
Click here for a  Link to an article from The Hindu

There is a team from the Centre visiting the Cauvery basin to assess the water and crop situation to give their information for a review.

As a citizen of Bangalore, I may fear the releasing water to Tamil Nadu in a year of low monsoon, because the water to my house might get affected. 
But the reality is that, while I hear protesters on the road swearing in the name of River Cauvery, I wonder whether we really give respect to water itself.

Most urban dwellers today have water supply from the municipality and regular in Bangalore. Many apartment complexes maintain swimming pools even. The basic water consumption per person is much higher than a rural household minus the irrigation. The original water source of Bangalore , its lakes have been encroached, dried, constructed upon, disposed sewage water into and so on. Having not taken care of its water resources within Bangalore, we imported water from  Cauvery at TK halli. Bangalore is to get about 1400 million liters a day from more than 120 km away using more than 190 km length of pipes. This consumes a whole lot of electricity too.

It is only recently that Bangalore has asked its citizens to do Rain water harvesting in their houses and offices. 
Bangalore expects water to be given to it all the way from Cauvery because it is the capital and it is the urban centre capable of making money through IT and other industries. So what if there is a shortfall of rain and less water for agriculture. With the money that it generates, we can always import food from a different poorer country!

Is this not water arrogance? 

another friend of this kind of arrogance is selfishness. See this getting revealed below ..

So the monsoon is less this season and the lower riparian state Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have to share  the limited water. Now Bangalore has to protect its water against not only the poorer rural Karnataka but also the powerful and equal contender of Tamil Nadu. So we shall fight for water. Incidentally it is also good business for a lot of people like the Kannada film industry, which uses this opportunity to ban all Tamil movies in Karnataka, for the liquor industry which sells liquor to vested interests to fuel the protesters, the pro kannada organisations who find a way of gaining publicity. None of them have any relation with water or agriculture but all benefit by protesting against Tamil and Tamil Nadu.

The process is well repeated and added to across the border in Tamil Nadu, for they are equally capable in it.

Is this not selfish ?

These attitudes and these fights are not only in Cauvery, not only in issues of water and not only in India. The basis of the problem is that each of us thinks that each of us are individuals distinct from others, desirous of a better life individually without looking at bettering all of us. This is the basic limitedness of our thought.

Who has heard the story of the water that goes as waste water, as untreated water from the city, the water that is used, thrown and splurged . Is this not the water that is waited for by the thirsty crops of both the states? 

We are so limited in our perception of ourselves as Bangaloreans, as Kannadigas, as Tamils, we fail to be citizens of the universe. 

As citizens of the universe can we not receive the rain as a blessing of the vulnerable eco system. Can we not share it like we share prasad or communion bread? We may have little but we can do so much with it if "we" operate rather than "I" and "you" operate. 

The amount of money we waste in protests and cause losses, if we were to use in things like harvesting, improving quality of pipes for transportation of water without evaporation losses, for dredging of lakes and reservoirs, for watershed development, we would all have more. Maybe none will have enough to splurge, but we all would have enough for a thriving life!

This would be the thought with the basis as "us" in contrast to "me". 

"We" receive rain, "we" have fossil fuels, "we" have diseases, "we" have the cures, "we" have poverty, "we" have resources, "we" are capable of working hard, "we" have the intelligence for making a planet better.

The consciousness shifts from me to we.