Friday, February 25, 2011

Universe contains everything without any value judgement on them.  For example, what we consider good or bad, universe contains both without looking at it as good or bad. When we are partnering with universe, we need to know that how we handle this aspect in us.  If we look at this way, that every one unconsciously seek inner liberation. But the seeking itself is unconscious, we are not aware of it but we project it by liberating our nations.   Similarly, our inner manipulative and corruptedness of us is what we project on to the politicians and deal with it. It is true that the ruling mechanism was undemacratic and the politicians are corrupt.  But by just dealing it outside whatever we achieve will be there for a limited period.  If we are partnering with the universe, we need to deal with it within us also. Only then, we can treat such things judiciously with love and compassion.  Otherwise, we will deal it either aggressively or suppressively.  
PWU is also looking at the connectedness of us all, whether we are all good or bad.  Once we do our inner work, the inside gets projected outside also.    


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