Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What does the water in us hold?

A thought from the weekend intensive program...

In the waterside reflection, a point that came up was that water has the capacity to contain things. Like the water in a kalasha holds the mantra or a sankalpa or an intent.

If more than 60% of the body is water, this water is capable of holding a lot. Our thoughts, our intentions, our words must all be stored even in this water.
Slowing down, letting go and bringing fresh ideas probably refreshes us throughout, down to this water in our bodies.
If a host of negative thoughts are held in us as a thought pattern in this water of the body, and it forms 60% or more of our bodies, the amount of influence it must have on us must be tremendous!


  1. superb one. Yes, it will definitely have influence over us. It is also easy to clean the water or change its colour.

    If for a moment let us assume that each thought pattern is a colour. As the basic quality of water, it will reflect that colour meaning that thought. As water passing thru a blue colour reflects blue and similarly when it passes thru white colour reflects white colour. BY changing the colour thru which it passes its reflection can also be changed. By changing the thought pattern to a different one and maintaining it continously (i.e. consciously) we can change the reflection it brings in the body and mind.

  2. hmm. Very true....

    If we hold an intent or a purpose in mind, continuously, through what you said, slowly the 'colour' or influence of the intent should spread throughout the body and we should get tuned towards it. Hmm. That is something to experiment and find out! :-) Thanks for the thought Sathya