Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Eco Leadership

Where have we derived our leadership qualities from? What impact has it created today by producing such leaders and allowing them to lead us so far?

When quantum physics started evolving, Newtonian physics went behind but the application areas are not dismissed. They are still useful. But they are not helpful to understand the quantum nature of the universe.

Similarly, the leadership models that we have followed so far is not going to be useful anymore

All the leadership models have in fact emanated from Scientific Management Theory of F M Taylor. In fact science was the ruling subject of intellectuals of t the time. Objective and logical thinking were the elements necessarily to be held and upheld if you want to prove yourself as thinker. Though not stayed openly, one cannot deny that in those days women and workers were not considered as thinkers as they were known for showing their emotions. The ruling belief was that emotional people cannot be logical and objective. In 18th Century, we find very less women researchers and almost no PhD holders from amongst women.

The advocacy of Scientific Management theory is -
 a) make profit,
 b)make the best of  workers capability,
c)maximise output with less input both manpower and materials,etc.

So the leadership styles were influenced by these concepts. It is not to blame F M Taylor for that matter, we bring this to our consciousness. There is Sanskrit saying: Lokham Thathvamasi which means Concepts defines the Universe.That is to say, we created our world based on these concepts. That is owned by us not to be blamed on Taylor.

There were more concepts than just Scientific Management Theory. There was Adam Smiths economics, Newtons predictive physics,etc. Highly deterministic, applied with specific goals involving what the person wants. The thinking wave of those days was objectivity,logic and deterministic. Even the prevalent psychology that emerged at this time was determinisitic with Freud and the American Behaviouristic schools prevailing over others life Gestalt.

In the name of focus we allowed limited perspective for leaders, in the of specialization, we stepped back from learning other subjects and other areas. It is not wrong to have focus and specialization, but where depth and vastness are needed, we sacrificed vastness. Where holistic thinking and focused approach are needed, we sacrificed holistic thinking. As a result we became selfish and self centred.

Nobody thought about Universal Management Theory. No one thought about Universal Leadership Model.The result is earth gets plundered, nature is abused, political strategy is meant to learn how to interfere with other nations sovernity.

Why should Somalians die without food and why should they now turn out to be hooligans of the ocean. Why should Bangladeshis migrate from their country to other nations and get killed.

For this kind of leadership, the consciousness of universal brotherhood is not a necessary perspective. Enshrined in the charter of UN, universal humanity is left for "flaky non profits", contribution to which eats into business profit, but necessary for publicity. Profit is mainstream and universal humanity is publicity.

Why not the wealth of earth be managed by universal citizens and directed for the benefit of all. We only need to learn higher management aspects in order to become universal citizens. We need to create models that are holistic than fermentative.

Unless we accommodate in our thinking the concept of Partnering with Universe, we cannot evolve further. The eco leadership model will provide foundation to such thinking.

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