Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Its time for Queendom!

I am 62 years old and I see the difference very distinctly. They are  there in the office, bus stop, in the malls in the training programs, in conferences, seminars and what not. The women are everywhere!

Not just that. Every year the pass out percentage of girls both in schools and colleges is higher  than men. Statistically, women out live men.

Now a days, I see women more in numbers, freely and effectively participating and contributing. They at times, very nicely nudge the men out and take other women along with them and move forward.

What is amazing to me is like the green cheese spreading, they are slowly but surely occupying every field.

I do not think they are attempting to be equal to man. Their presence communicates something else to me. They are here because their time has come. Its time for Queendom and so they are there, in fact everywhere.

In a rocky mountainous land, the water sneaks below the rock, through its chacks and spread across the rock surface making it possible for the different seeds of trees and plants to grow in it. Women today seem to have quietly emerged everywhere, making the Queendom possible to emerge and establish.

How is it going to happen?
We know how Kingdoms are established. The mighty king will wage a war, conquer the other king and the country and establish the kingdom. If any King does not want to fight, he bows down to the mighty King and gives up.

But the Queendom is not going to be established that way. They are going to seep down every where like water, manoeuvring the sand and the rock to sprout their queendom. They are not going to push men behind or push them out. But certainly they are going to grow out of them.

They are not going to employ the linear method of sword and war to establish their queendom. Their method will be non linear and certainly not war.

Their way is going to be both misty and mystical. One will certainly think whether they are doing it or some divine design with a divine hand is making it happen from behind them. We do not know and we will never know it also. All we know and we can know is that the Queendom is emerging in a most nonlinear way, sprouting here and there but gradually going to be everywhere.


  1. Queendom does not seem to be rule of the women who are going to overthrow men to rule humanity. Rather it seems to be a new way of seeing and organising things - applied universally to everything from relationships to investments, from scientific research to entertainment. I guess we need a different perspective to be able to do things like use science for curing rather than creating weapons, to be able to decentralise work, work from home rather than be driven to work by the supervisor at the shopfloor. This change is in the minds of people first and then in the lives of people. Not on the battlefield!

  2. I agree. The preparation is going to take place in the minds. Thank you.

    Halasyam M

  3. Women always outlived men.But nobody knew it.
    Now a few women and men are noticing this.
    Men noticing this are those who have suffered or who are suffering from their own arrogance.
    Particularly,intellectual arrogance.

  4. Kingdom is an illusion.. so do Queendom !! ppl support each other .. I always feel it is sharing the responsibility... one goes out for food & other takes care of house & kids..recently i happen to read a scientific fact that Men's eyes are gud in measuring distance etc (straight sight), & women have the ability to see even upto 180 degrees, so that they can protect the kids from any danger (reminds me of Goddess Meenakshi who protects the kids by her eyes).. though many think there was a male domination, women always know in their deep heart that it is not..