Saturday, October 6, 2012


So what is Queendom ?

The dictionary may suggest a land ruled by a Queen.
But shall we envisage a people where the feminine in the form of inclusion, care and affection is part of the mainstream pursuit? Further it is not just the mainstream but the moving factor for growth rather than the current pursuit for profit.

This is my idea of Queendom. A nation - of man, women and all other manifestations of nature living in harmony playing the role that they understand is theirs to play, nothing more nothing less.
- There is no place for greed or profit as the perspective is always of  'us' and not of 'me'. That is inclusion.
- Growth is directed towards providing for, creating new methods for wholesomeness and happiness not pleasure. That is care and affection.
- Education and its pursuit is for wisdom not knowledge. That is wisdom.

Though it seems like an imaginary land, the emergence of this Queendom in our midst is underway. Just look around, you will see the old world crumbling away.
We dont have territorial wars any more, only with terrorists. And these terrorists are very often fanatics excluded from the mainstream. But then ways of including warring sides is not there.
Even territorial disputes are fought with publicity, arm twisting, politics rather than brute force , ex Tibet.
But they are being fought.
Economies and economics of old are crumbling, old bastions of power are destabilizing. New economies and new economics are  about to emerge. But they have not yet emerged.
Old norms of relationships are shaken and booted out. Norms of fidelity, responsibility to parents, marriage are challenged, norms of gender and sexual orientations are challenged. But newer norms are not yet established.
Old Religions and rituals are preaching loudly in a last failing bid to hold the emerging generation. And then there is the new age spiritualists asking them to come to spirituality rather than religion. But then again even that is private, not mainstream.

It seems that many ways of working of the previous time seems to be coming to an end, newer ones are on the threshold of emerging. The battle for Queendom is at these thresholds. It comes on the wings of hope, faith, trust, love for humanity. It is often seemingly led by women. Women who are more naturally tuned to it but also by the great numbers of men whose presence is more invisible, but action is firm and supportive of these women.

These are the knights of Queendom and at the forefront of bringing a new consciousness for all of us.

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