Saturday, October 20, 2012

Young girls - the knights of Queendom?

Just took a image from a facebook post of a friend! This seems the reality now! The knights of Queendom! 
Just think of the number of people whose consciousness she has touched by an action in line with her internal sense of what is right!

Young have always been the harbingers of change at every generation. They have always been more open to the change of the times. Now the women seem to be particularly potent in it. Their stance seems to indicate an intuitive knowledge of a different kind. Like a new born's sense of right to air and loud assertion of it through a cry, it seems they know something that is not yet clear and visible in the world outside. They may not be fully aware of it themselves, yet they are intuitively sure of it and it seems to reflect in their stance. An action from this sense is almost unavoidable to them and capable of challenging the foundation of the fundamentalism that is an anachronism in Queendom. Queedom here is a land whose psyche is inspired and powered by the great divine feminine, nothing more to it in terms of gender or feminism.

Women seem to be more quickly intuiting it. Other than this I think it is quite inclusive of men and women. It is just as easily accessible to man who has put effort to know his Self and be open to intuition. 

It is happening and inspiring fear in fundamentalists wanting to hold on to the values of an era that is vanishing.

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